Research Areas

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Dr Mikko Saarikoski has done his major work as researcher in the context of health care education. He has developed research instruments for quality assurance of clinical learning environment of nursing students. This work has been done in the University of Turku in a long-lasting cooperation with Professor Helena Leino-Kilpi.

Developed research instruments

The first definitive instrument version, titled the Clinical Learning Environment and Supervision (CLES) scale, was published in 2002 as part of the author’s doctoral dissertation. A subsequent, more extensive version of the scale, the CLES+T (2008), includes a sub-dimension pertaining to the role of the nurse teacher in a clinical practicum. The CLES scales are translated altogether into 32 languages and have been used in over 50 countries by approx. 100 researchers since 2003. Dr Saarikoski has acted as Research & Development Manager of Health Care Education in Turku University of Applied Sciences (2004-2009).