Dr Saarikoski’s other professional activities in related academic fields include:



The leader of the Empowering the Professionalization of Nurses trough Mentorship (EmpNURS) project (2010-13)


The thematic field of the EmpNURS project was in advancing empowerment of nursing culture and its operational focus was in Mentorship. This international project (2010-13) of Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) was carried out by 11 partner organizations from Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, the Netherlands and United Kingdom.

Materials of the EmpNURS project: http://julkaisut.turkuamk.fi/empnurs_start_here.pdf

internat_journ_of_n_sjanNEP_logoReferee of  Journal of Advanced Nursing (2004-2011) and International Journal of Nursing Studies  (2005-2010) and Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship (since 2006).

 Member of Editorial Committee of Nurse Education in Practice ( 2007-2011)


 CLESplusT_studentsPrincipal Investigator (PI) in the international research project (2007-2009) to develop a new sub-scale for measuring the quality of nurse teachers co-operation with the crucial actors in the clinical practice of student nurses (CLES+T scale). Seventeen Nursing Schools from nine European countries have joined to the study. The countries are Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and UK. 

The study is supported by Sairaanhoitajien koulutussäätiö’s Fund.


TurkuMaailmassaActive international teacher exchange relationships include: University of Portsmouth (1996); Manchester Metropolitan University (1998);
University College of Northampton (2000); Ecole Le Bon Secours, Geneva (2002); La Universidad de Murcia (2004); Dokuz Eylûl University, Izmir (2006); University of Udine, Italy (2011)
Invited visiting lectures (e.g.):
Universidad de Alicante, Spain (Oct. 2004); Escola Superior de Enfermagem, De D. Ana Guedes, Porto, Portugal (Nov. 2004); Catholic University of Applied Sciences of Kempen, Turnhout, Belgium (May 2006); University of Applied Sciences, School of Heath Care of Windesheim (Jan. 2009); Karolin Institute, Stockholm, Sweden (Oct. 2010); “Nursing education challenges: a debate on European perspectives” -conference organized by Universities of Udine and Trieste, Ospedale di Catinara, Trieste (March 2011);  Nottingham University,  School of Nursing, Midwifery and Physiotherapy, Nottingham, UK (Jan. 2012); “Super Nurse Botnia” project’s closing seminar, University of Umeå, Sweden (Oct. 2013)

CPIT-logoMember of the Evaluating the Quality of Workplace Learning for Student Nurses -project (2009-2010). The R&D-project is organised by Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT) and funded by Ako Aotearoa. The aim of the project is e.g. to validate CLES+T scale also in New Zealand nurse education context.