Dr Saarikoski was the first author presenter at the following conference presentations:

International conferences (selected):

  1. CLES2018 Symposium 2018, 24-25th Sept., Chieti, Italy. Student’s professional development as a challenge in the student’s, mentor’s and clinical teacher’s cooperation triad (key-note)
  2. CLES+T Symposium 2014, 6-7th Nov., Alicante, Spain. Developing role of Nurse Teacher in nursing education – European perspective. (key-note)
  3. EmpNURS Closing Seminar 2013, 6th Sept., Budapest, Hungary. Promoting nursing profession’s empowerment in four new EU-countries. (key-note)
  4. FINE 2012, 3-5 Oct., Cardiff, UK. EmpNURS Symposium. Saarikoski M., Antohe I. & Pokorna A. 2012. Empowering the Professionalization of Nurses through Mentorship project (divided to three single presentations). Chair-role of the Symposium.
  5. NET 2011, 6-8 Sept., Cambridge, UK. Saarikoski M. & Leino-Kilpi H. Clinical practice as part of pre-registration training programme in nursing: a European perspective. (oral)
  6. Australasian Nurse Education Conference/ ANEC 2009, 30. Sept. -2.Oct., Christchurch, New Zealand. Workshop: Clinical practice in nursing education: What is essential for good learning? Chair-role of the Workshop.
  7. Nurse Education Tomorrow/ NET 2009, 7-10 Sept., Cambridge, UK. Saarikoski M. & Leino-Kilpi H.: Clinical learning environment and supervision perceived by nursing students – the changes during a ten year period (Core paper)
  8. 2nd International Nurse Education Conference NETNEP2008, 9-11 June, Dublin, Ireland. Saarikoski M. & Leino-Kilpi H.: The role dimensions of Nurse Teacher in clinical practice of student nurses – A theoretical analysis.
  9. NET 2007, 4-6 Sept., Cambridge, UK. Saarikoski M. & Leino-Kilpi H.: The role of nurse teacher in clinical practice of student nurses: a pilot study to develop a systematic evaluation tool.
  10. Integrated Care Conference 2005, 14-15th Feb., Dublin, Ireland. Saarikoski M.: Best for the Patient – good ICT-skills enhancing quality of care.
  11. Workgroup of European Nurse Researchers (WENR) 2004, 5-8th Oct., Lisbon, Portugal. Saarikoski M & Leino-Kilpi H..: Development and validation of the CLES evaluation scale.
  12. CoHeHre – Client Centrd Practice 2004, 21-25th April, Bad Elster, Germany. Saarikoski M.: Learning material for studying English in the context of psychiatric nursing.
  13. 8th International Nursing Informatics 2003, 20-25th June, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Saarikoski M & Ellilä H.: Digital learning material for mental health workers, students and service users.
  14. WENR 2002, 1- 4th Sept., 2002, Geneva, Switzerland. Saarikoski M., Leino-Kilpi H. & Ellilä H.: Clinical teaching and supervision – A comparative study of the experiences of Finnish and English student nurses.
  15. WebNet 2001, 23-27th Oct., 2001, Orlando, US. (a) Saarikoski M.: Admissions – English & Psychiatric Care. Oral. and (b) Multanen H & Saarikoski M.: Creating or closing the cap? Using a digital based e-learning package in two different pedagogical and social contexts.
  16. Nurse Education Tomorrow/ NET 2000, 5-7th Sept., Durham, UK. Saarikoski M.: New model of co-operation between link teacher and nursing staff.
  17. ICN Centennial Conference 1999, 27 June – 1st July, London, UK. Saarikoski M.& Leino-Kilpi H.: Evaluation of clinical learning environment – developing an instrument.
  18. Valuing Mental Health Nursing 1999, 19-21st Feb., St. Helier, Jersey, UK. Saarikoski M. & Leino-Kilpi H.: Students satisfaction of clinical teaching and supervision.
  19. WENR 1998, 5-8th July, Helsinki, Finland. Saarikoski M. & Leino-Kilpi H.: Clinical learning environment and supervision by staff nurses.
  20. Valuing Mental Health Nursing 1998, 20-22nd Feb., Belfast, Northern Ireland. Saarikoski M. & Leino-Kilpi H.: Clinical ward as a learning environment.